Ghost inside the office CAUGHT ON CAM! Spooky!

This might be the scariest video you'll see today so better watch it with lights on!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

A video posted by LionHearTV on Facebook was going viral now because of a ghost trying to scare this man who's working alone in their office.

The man being so brave took a video of how the chair moves around beside him. And in the video you can hear so many noises and banging of things everywhere. And the chair just keeps on moving back and forth.

The fearless employee even tried to talk to the ghost asking him/her what he/she wants. But while he keeps on asking the chair just moves and the noise on the background wont stop.

"Kung sino ka man, hindi naman ako natatakot ano bang kailangan mo. Sabihin mo pwede naman kitang tulungan eh," said the employee who took the video

He said that he has been observing 'the ghost' for a while and he will help them just tell him what they want.

Before the video ends, the chair stops on moving but the the door beside the chair just keeps on banging until he turned off the video.

If you're in his situation and you're working alone in the office and then that happened to you, what would you do?

Do you have the guts to take the video and to talk to the ghost? Or you ran so fast and never come back?

Let's read some of the comments of the netizens to the video:

"Grabe si kuya nagawa pa nyang evideo. E kung ako ang nandyan cguro nahimatay na ako," said Denise Rivera

There was this who commented with 'HUGOT' about the ghost.

"Ganyan naman sila e.. Sa una magpaparamdam pagtapos iiwan karin nila kapag nkahanap ng iba... Tapos kapag naka move on kana tsaka magpparamdam ulit sayo at lalandiin ka!!!!" wrote Rhence Santos

And there was also those who's not convinced with the video. But some defended that it might be true.

"im not convinced with this coz it's too foggy ganun ba ka cheap ang phone nya??? o may ngbabarbecue sa office nila ,???hahaha," Hanz Karl Kristian Villaflores said

"It's a moist actually.. am a photographer, and that's a hand moist... try mo hawakan yung lens ng cam mo especially if you have an oily hands magiging ganyan kagaya sa video," Jeapee Labor Cafe defend on his comment

Are you still going to work OVERTIME and ALONE? Good luck!

Watch the creepy video here:

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