AlDub will be tested on God Gave Me You

Aldub is not just an ordinary love team but they have been tried with all the Lola Nidora’s trials. At that point, early this year, Lola Nidora favors the Alden and Yaya Dub love for each other. The fans were energized when Alden had his first kiss to Yaya Dub on screen.

Scenes from God Gave Me You
Scenes from God Gave Me You

Last December, the phenomenal love team had their first motion picture apperance amid the MMFF entry “My Bebe Love”. In this film, the attention is just on the love couple where their parents doesn’t approve on their love for each other.

On their KalyeSerye series, they continue their feelings for each other. Be that as it may, when Yaya Dub went to school to take a business course, Alden got envious with Jake. Jake is Yaya Dub’s classmate that helps her on her thesis that emphasize on the young entrepreneur particularly for fashioners. Jake went to Singapore to continue his study. However, he calls Yaya Dub if Divina needs assistance on her thesis.

On the previous week, Dudang, Divina’s step mom and Dudong’s wife, welcomed the Zobelayala sisters together with Yaya Dub on her mansion. Jake and Alden also invited in this occasion where Dudang presented the key to the Zobelayala’s mansion. This is likewise the first time that Jake and Alden meet in person.

Now, Eat Buluga set a turn on the Aldub love team by introducing Jake as Divina’s boyfriend in their lenten presentation titled “God Gave Me You”. This is also their theme song during the early Kalye Serye days.

God Gave Me You is directed by Joyce Bernal. This is the first time that Alden and Maine are not sweethearts. Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza is a flight attendant and Jake Ejercito is a pilot. They were couples in this series. Alden came to the scene when Jake and Maine had a misunderstanding on their relationship.

What do you think happen to Jake and Maine and also between Alden and Maine? Who will say the famous line “God Gave Me you”. Watch their teaser trailer below. God Gave Me You will be showing this coming Wednesday as Eat Bulaga’s holy week presentation.

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