Alden Richards on being a 'Daddy'. Do you think he is ready?

What do you think would Alden be when he becomes a Daddy?

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

We all know how sweet and caring Alden Richards is. We witness it everything he and Maine are together. How he handle his sweetness towards Maine, his concern for that special someone and that's not what people only see on Alden.

Netizens noticed how close and sweet Alden is to Baby Baste. He's a very caring and sweet kuya to the two kids on Eat Bulaga specially to Baste. They would always have their 'kulitan' moments backstage and even on cam.

In some behind the scenes video uploaded on social media, we see how Alden plays with Baste even though he could just take a rest and wait for his next segment. But he still chose to play and make 'kulitan' with Baste. He loves to hug and kiss Baste on and off cam which shows how loving and touchy he is.

Baby Baste and Alden during lunch break
Baby Baste and Alden during lunch break
That's why his fans are thinking if he is already ready to be a daddy. In the video uploaded by Ron Sagun on YouTube, you can see how hands-on Alden is to Baste, as if it's his baby.

Alden and Baste playtime
Alden and Baste playtime
He would change his clothes, feed Baste, sing with him, kiss his chubby cheeks and just lay around with him and let Baste lie down on his lap. Alden is really a good kuya. And i'm sure he will also be a good father someday.

He is also a very supportive and sweet kuya to his siblings. There was this incident where in Alden's home was robbed and his elder brother's cellphone and other valuable things were taken by the robber. And because it was new and his brother brought it from his money so he just cried, but Alden as a younger brother comforted his elder brother and gave him a money and his extra phone.

It was really a nice gesture as a younger brother to be supportive and be there always for his family.

Being a loving, caring and sweet person to other people can't be learned overnight or you can just be nice, NO, maybe because Alden was raised by also a nice father. And what he's doing now was the things he saw from his father.

Someday, were sure that Alden will be a great daddy to his kids!

Watch the video here:

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