A lot in Maasim, Saranggani burns unexpectedly

Residents are shocked and scared why the land is burning by itself!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

In General Santos City, a kid was brought to a hospital when he accidentally stepped on a ground that abruptly cause fire in Brgy. Bales, Maasim, Sarangani Province. People living in the area are scared because of what would happen on the ground in the future.

Another three residents from the same area was also burned when they unintentionally walk into the ground.

Residents have no idea why it's burning when it's being touched or moved. They showed a proof that the ground would burned by itself when they tried to beat it with a stick.

According to some reports, that part of the ground that was a drier before has a 200-square-meter area was made as garbage dump of charcoal's ashes from a coconut.

So that it wont bring any more accidents and danger to the residents on the area, a fire truck decided to splash a drum of water but after a minute that ground dry again and it still produces fire.

According to Melvin Sebua, a geologist of MGB 12-DENR, the store temperature was from the waste charcoal. And there's nothing strange about the fire on the ground.

"Due to extreme temperature yung mataas na yun, na-induce yung temperature niya possible na nag increase" said Melvin Sebua

After what happened, the Mines and Geoscience Bureau suggested the local government of the Brgy. Maasim to dig the said charcoal dump and to transfer it to another place so that residents will be safe again.

Watch the video here:

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