WATCH! The biggest man-made disaster ever to hit China!

Another disaster hit China, but this time, it has swallowed 33 buildings, left over 81 people missing in a disaster zone the size of 71 football fields.

Firefighters resting near collapsed building in Shenzhen, China

In southern China, parts of Shenzhen near the Hong Kong border, was buried under an enormous landslide on midday of Sunday. The mudslide was caused by a mountain construction waste that collapsed.

Since the Tianjin chemical blasts, this disaster has been the biggest man-made disaster ever to hit China.

Over 1,500 rescuers were deployed to the scene to dug out buildings that were buried by the mass of mud because it was believed that there are still buildings which contain people at the time of the disaster. However, many were already safely removed from the
scene before the disaster began.

According to Shen Wenyuan, from the Shenzhen Fire Department, at the moment the entire process is still on going. The rescue workers are still conducting the process of locating, search and clearing.

Rescue workers were using  heavy machinery, drones and sensors to search for those people who gone missing after a massive wave of mud swallowed establishments in southern China. They scoured through the 380,000 squaremeter site to reach and rescue possible survivors who are trapped under mud which were over 10 meters deep.

Last Tuesday, they were able to pull out a body from the sea of mud and debris which they have been working on over night.

The gymnasium near the industrial park which was hit by the landslide in Shenzhen, lies the evacuee center to shelter the survivors from the disaster.

In all, 33 buildings were damaged or destroyed by the landslide. The number of missing had been listed as 85 late on Monday. The clock is ticking to rescue those people who are still missing. China's police and military forces are said to be in a "race against time".

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