Watch how nice Alden was off cam during their 6th Monthsary

People may look so nice and good on cam, but you'll see their real attitude when the cameras are not rolling. Alden proves it!

A lot of things happened during Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza's 6th Monthsary at the Eat Bulaga Broadway. We shared some of their behind the scenes 'kilig' moments. Maine's sweetness to Alden was also caught on cam that day. But a fan captured Alden being so nice off cam.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

In the video clip uploaded on YouTube, after Eat Bulaga, Maine was seen busy talking and taking pictures with her fans while Alden was patiently waiting for her.

Direk Mike Tuviera was at the set that time, Alden saw him and instead of just snubbing him, he hugged Mr. T first before running to Maine.

He just shows how he respect this big people in the industry that even though he has the chance to just go and just say hi, Alden still hugged him first.

That's one of the reason why a lot people are idolizing him. Alden was known for being a very humble and down-to-earth person. Even his co-workers said that he was a nice and respectful person.

His fans loves him because of his genuine attitude. There was a video when Alden was mobbed by his fans, instead of just walking away. He stopped and had picture takings with them. Alden would always say that he loves his supporters so much. In a video uploaded on YouTube, his fans got so crazy when they saw Alden but they had no chance to get near him so they just throw their gifts and memorabilia to him.

Alden being gentle and nice, he picked it up and said thank you to them. You will see the real attitude of actors and actresses in that kind of situation. Being mobbed by fans, you can either just walk away or stay and give some of your time with them.

That's why Alden has so much blessings now, not only because he was a great actor but he has also a good attitude.

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