Watch how Maine tease her friend in her snapchat video


Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Maine Mendoza was known for her funny jokes and 'banats' on TV. We see her a bubbly and a happy person on Eat Bulaga and on Kalyerserye. She was also very close with her friends on showbiz.

In Maine's snapchat video, her friend was singing along to the song "Tayo'y Magsayawan" when she jokingly said Thunders pa more. Thunders in a beki language means oldies.

Maine's snap chat videos are full of her 'kakalogan' and 'kakulitan'. She loves playing around with her personal assistant and make up artists. She would take videos teasing them or joking around them.

Her friends and co-workers describes her a very funny person on and off cam. She might be a quiet one but when she starts to joke she would really bring out her 'kakulitan'. We see that attitude on her videos on Instagram or Snapchat.

Maine also loves to tweet funny stores of her and jokes on her Twitter account. She would post her funny faces their and write a caption about it. She was never shy about doing those funny faces on TV. Maybe that's the reason why people around her loves her so much.

There was an interview of Maine and her best friend, where in they are both 'kalog' and crazy when together. They did a dub smash together and her bff is also hilarious as her.

Maine likes to express her self through her social media accounts. She may be a busy person, but she never forget to bring a smile to her followers on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Her Snapchat video clip was uploaded last December 24, 2105 on YouTube by her fan with username AlDub Loveteam.

Watch the video here:

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