Diver records his own tragic death as he sinks to the ocean floor

One of the world's most famous scuba diving locations is the Blue Hole which lies on the coast of Egypt in the Red Sea.

It is an underwater sinkhole.

Though it is a popular place free diving, it was also known to be one of the most dangerous locations in the world.

Yuri Lipski before he take his final dive
Yuri Lipski before he take his final dive

The site is heavily regulated but that doesn't prevent deaths from occurring and it certainly didn't stop Lipski from attempting a dive.

Regardless of rules set by authorities, there are about two divers who are defeated by the 314-feet-deep sinkhole every year. The most famous death at the Blue Hole was back in the year 2000, the death of the diving instructor Yuri Lipski.

Yuri Lipski, an Israeli-Russian professional diving instructor, has the knowledge about what unfortunate events that happened and might happen at the Blue Hole.

It was April 28, 2000 when Yuri Lipski took the courage to dive and explore the treacherous hole where he might never returned from, on his own.

The nitrogen narcosis, hundreds of feet below the surface, was said to cause the diving expert to become at loss which let to losing his life.

His fellow divers looked and tried to retried his body. But little did they know that they will have a totally chilling discovery.

They found out that when Yuri Lipski got on to his dive, he brought with him a helmet with a camera attached to it. In fact, the camera has been capturing the shocking incident the whole time.

The professional diver unintentionally filmed his own last moments and terrible death.

This video footage is haunting especially to those who have a sensitive way of thinking.

Imagine those horrible final moments... all alone with no one to help... envelop in the dark depths of the ocean.

WARNING: The video footage shows death which can be disturbing and distressing to some viewers.

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