VIRAL: Proof that Alden and Maine are more than just friends!

"What you see, is what you get"

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

A video of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza being so comfortable with each other was caught off cam and uploaded it on YouTube.

The two are seen talking with someone when all of a sudden Alden sat on Maine's lap without asking a permission or telling her.

Maine's reaction was natural and she was not even shock or angry of what Alden did. They were like practicing for a scene as you can hear someone talking on the background on what they should do.

With Alden's gesture you can see how close they really are. Being that comfortable with your partner is something. Being open and at ease with each other like that takes a lot of time.

We all know how goofy and bubble these two when they are together. Off cam or even on cam, we see how time shaped them, and how time made them that close.

They also use Twitter to post and dedicate some quotes for each other. Even though their posts has no direct name we all know that those are for each other. Whenever they have pictorials or photo shoots, a lot of people see them very close and cery sweet with one another. How they make 'kulitan', how they show their affection with each other and how they show their concern.

Many AlDub fans commented on the video saying that their wish was Alden and Maine to end up together.

Here are some of their comments:

"Ang cute nla tgnan sna magiging cla in real life," said juvy Torres
"Hahaha! This video shows the closeness of the two :-) ALDUB Nation mukhang unti unti nang natutupad ang wish nating maging sila na in real life eh sa sobrang closeness nila parang sila na eh hehehe :-) Kandong and Bhe pa more Alden hehehe:-) Ang hinihintay ko talaga ay kung paanong magwala ang ALDUB Nation pag dumating na yung time na umamin na ang dalawa na sila na nga hehehe :-)" wrote ALDUB fanatic
"PRAISE GOD! Pinagpray ko po lagi na magkatuluyan po sila sa tunay na buhay," Jacqueline Saringan commented

Let's just leave it there and let them enjoy their moment!

Watch the video here:

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