The much awaited Dora the Explorer movie trailer is finally out!

We all had a good laugh about how ridiculous the Dora movie trailer was but after having the biggest hits ever with their very own parody, CollegeHumor made the skit into a three-part miniseries!

Dora and Boots captives by Swiper
Dora and Boots taken as hostages by Swiper

The three-part miniseries was titled, Dora the Explorer and the Destiny Medallion.

In 2012, when College Humor released a parody trailer for a Dora the Explorer live-action movie. The studio has put into development a real Dora the Explorer live-action movie, with Puss in Boots scribe Tom Wheeler set to write.

According to, Sam Reich, CollegeHumor's president of original content said that when they did the movie trailer, they really loved the video but the response that they for the video was way better than they had hoped.

Even though there are a lot of people asking for the trailer to be a real thing, they don't really have that permission to release a Hollywood film. The biggest version of the trailer that they can do is the web series. Fortunately, all the casts aligned.

Sam Reich quoted, "This is one of the most ambitious things we've ever done."

According to reports, Paramount envisions the three-part Dora the Explorer miniseries as the start of a franchise. There are still no words on whether they plan to expand it into a Marvel-styled shared universe with solo movies for Boots, Backpack, Map, and Swiper.

As of the moment, this College Humor skit shows a glimpse of what the Dora the Explorer live-action movie might look like.

Sam Reich said that if everyone's excited about the miniseries and wants more, then they will absolutely try to make another miniseries. There first Dora miniseries had, more or less, sewed up pretty nicely. The Dora the Explorer movie trailer posted on YouTube by CollegeHumor has a whooping 27 million views!

Watch the full trailer below and share us your thoughts on the comment section!

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