SHOCKING! Maine Mendoza says "ang gwapo mo" to a local celebrity!

Find out who's this lucky celebrity guy whom Maine called "gwapo"!

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Jerald Napoles was becoming today's one of the best comedian and was discovered on TV as an extra. After he was discovered on his musical show "Rak of Aegis, we have seen him every where now, being such a funny guy!

In a video he uploaded on his Instagram account, Jerald was with Maine Mendoza and was doing a "knock knock" joke with her.

Jerald asked Maine, "Knock knock", in which she's the one who will ask, "Who's there?"

He then quickly answered, "ang gwapo mo", to whick Maine replied "ang gwapo mo...". But before Maine finished the sentence Jerald cut him quickly with, "uy maliit na bagay baka magtrend yan."

We've all known Jerald Napoles as a very funny person, the last time i saw him on a big screen was on Jennylyn Mercado's movie, "Walang Forever". He was very effective comedian and actor, he can really make people laugh with just his face and 'confidence'.

Jerald was one of the lead actors in as musical play the "Rak of Aegis", he was known by his name 'Tolits'. People who had watched the play was shocked that Jerald is not only a great comedian but he is also a singer! A very good singer! Imagine those Aegis songs.

He was also a regular actor on GMA's night show "That's my Amboy" as Tope. And a host in "Sunday Pinasaya", were he was being paired with one of FHM's cover girl Valeen Montenegro.

Jerald was also a part of Melodrama negra (2012), The Janitor (2014), NiƱo (2014), You're my boss (2015), My Faithful Husband (2015) and many more shows..

The 32-year-old actor/comedian/singer/ was an undergraduate of Chemical Engineering.

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SHOCKING! Maine Mendoza says "ang gwapo mo" to a local celebrity! SHOCKING! Maine Mendoza says "ang gwapo mo" to a local celebrity! Reviewed by TrendSpot on Friday, February 19, 2016 Rating: 5

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