Non stop laughter with Boobsie at the Library!

One of today's funniest comedian Boobsie takes the stage and made everyone laugh their ass out!

Boobsie Wonderland making some jokes
Boobsie Wonderland making some jokes 

In the video uploaded by one of the audience in The Library, with username ria ymson, shows how funny really Boobsie is. She welcomed her audience by dancing Ryzza Mae Dizon's famous dance step "Cha-cha". She then followe it up with jokes and "banats".

She then introduced herself as Boobsie Wonderland 6-years-old. Pulled off that"famous kasabihan".

"Kung sa paningin niyo ako ay batang baboy, may jowa naman akong tomboy," Boobsie joked.

So then Boobsie joked on about having a relationship with a "tomboy". While delivering her jokes everyone from the audience seems having fun with her. Everything she says makes people on the comedy bar laughs.

Boobsie even engaged with one of her audience, asking the old woman of her parents knew she was going on a gimmick. Then asked the old man on her side if they are together. Someone said that it's the old man's birthday, and so Boobsie made a joke with her wish for the man.

After that, she went on talking with the other audience asking them where are they from and then telling gags.

Boobsie Wonderland is one of the regular stand up comedian in some of the popular comedy bars in the metro. We can watch her in Zirkoh, Klownz, The Library, Sitcom and other bars.

Her real name is Mary Jane Arrabis, 39-years-old. Her unique way of making people laugh is her baby talking/ baby voice. Her big size yet baby talk makes people laugh.

We can watch Boobsie every Sunday at Sunday Pinsaya with also one of the best comedian Gladys "Chuchay"Guevarra.

Watch Boobsie's performance here:

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