MUST WATCH: What is Alden Richards' Ideal Date!

What do you think Alden's ideal date? Should it be expensive? Or just a simple one? Let's find out here in his interview!

Alden and Maine's first date last September 2015
Alden and Maine's first date last September 2015

We have all witnessed Alden Richards and Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza monthly dates. We saw how simple and down to earth this two people. They eat isaw and other street foods during their dates, and it just proves that food doesn't determine the real "meaning" of your date.

In an interview of Alden Richards uploaded on YouTube, he was asked what is his ideal date. What is his preference when it comes to dating a girl. Should he bring the girl in a very fancy restaurant and eat a very expensive food? Let's watch him as he tells us his ideal date!

According to Alden, its not about the fancy restaurant, expensive foods and gifts that determine your special relationship with the girl, but it's the sincerity, the intention, and for him the most special factor is the LOVE you have for that person.

That's what Kalyeserye was teaching that through Alden and Maine's dates, it's not about how grand your date is, it's not about eating on the latest restaurant in town, and it's not about giving that special person something expensive just to make her happy, but the important thing is that you and that special person are happy together, you enjoy each others company and you know that the LOVE you have was real.

Alden showed her real interest and intentions with Maine through love letters, flowers, giving her a date with just street foods on the menu. And it seems like Maine really enjoys that.

When Alden was asked where will he bring that special person on their first date he said,: "Dadalhin ko siya sa theme park, because I'm a fun person and Maine is a fun person. Para walang boring moments."

And that was granted when he and Maine went to Enchanted Kingdom for their date last December.

It was simple yet they had a lot of fun together, they built another memories together and the most important is that they got really close.

How about you, what's your ideal date? Comment it below!

Watch the video here:

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