MIT invented a totally AMAZING shape-shifting table called 'TRANSFORM'

MIT Media Lab's new creation is what they call “equivalent to the invention of painting.”

MIT presented a new possibility which no-one ever imagined
MIT presented a new possibility which no-one ever imagined

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: computer scientist Hiroshi Ishii claims MIT Media Lab's Transform project which consists of thousands of physical, motorized pixels which should be considered an entirely new creative medium.

The invention TRANSFORM is made up of 1,000 plastic rods attached to individual motors. When someone moves or passes their hand above the table, its sensors will detect the motion which will cause ripple like wave on its surface.

Last month the invention was shown at the Lexus Design Amazing exhibition in Milan.
During the exhibition, Hiroshi Ishii said that the TRANSFORM is completely new form of physical and digital computational material. He also explained that it’s equivalent to the invention of a new medium like painting, music, plastic or computer graphics.

Supervised by Ishii, Daniel Leithinger and Sean Follmer of MIT Media Lab's Tangible Media Group were able to create the TRANSFORM.

According to Ishii, pixels are intangible. You can only use them by being mediated through remote control, like a mouse or a touch screen. So they decided to physically embody computation and information. They were coupling physical materials with underlying computation.

As well as responding to people's movement, just like a digital screen, Transform can be programmed to characterize 3D images and animations. But Ishii thinks that the possibilities of this new "computational material" are boundless.

He said that when movies were invented there were no content and no good application. But now it already has blossomed in a very interesting way. So when you think about TRANSFORM as a new medium, it has infinite possibilities.

He also added that it is a challenge to all the creative artist on what they will do with this project. Hiroshi Ishii quoted, “We present these new possibilities, which no-one ever imagined. Now people have to think, create and respond. Digital is not the end; there's something beyond that."

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