Massive Lightning strikes near two men, caught on video

This is the reason why you shouldn't go outside during a thunderstorm! Listen to the weathermen's warning about the incoming weather system.

The usual course of action when it comes to thunderstorms is to quickly head inside any establishments and stay away from any tall objects and bodies of water until everything is settled down.

Screen cap of the actual footage
Screen cap of the actual footage.

At the same time, there can still be exceptions to the following rules; it will generally always serves us well to follow them.

However, this allegedly group of young Australian men seems like they didn't get the memo at all. Despite the fact that was bad news for them, it is good news for us because we will get to enjoy this incredible video!

Seen in the video are the young men filming the dark gray skies and angry waves during a thunderstorm as if they are waiting for something to happened. After a few seconds, a massive lightning stroke near them which made them yelled and ran for their lives. One of the was even heard shouting "Omg! Omg!" According to reports, they were standing 20 meters away the tremendous lighting strike.

It is not stated on the video what happened after the shocking incident nor what happened to the young Australian men. But there is something that tells me they have learned a big lesson about goofing outside during thunderstorms.

The video posted on Reddit got a lot of comments from people who also experienced such incident. User PangurBanHammer said that he had been about 500-1000 feet from a lightning strike before and it was really loud. He can barely even image how loud the lightning strike must have been.

While user tackleboxjohnson, being that close to a lightning strike, the most unnerving thing is feeling the small amount of static electricity go though you and wondering if you're dead for a split second. He's reaction would also be the same as the guys on the video as instinct and adrenaline kick in and all his brain wanted to do was jump up and start screaming even though he wasn't hurt at all.

WARNING: The sudden strike of the lightning causes a loud thunder that may shock you. Kindly lower down the volume.

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