Caught on Cam: Injured dolphin requests for human help!

These divers filmed a 'mind-blowing' scene where a dolphin appears to call for human help in escaping a tangle of fishing lines!

Diver Keller Laros rescues injured bottelnose dolphin
Diver Keller Laros rescues injured bottelnose dolphin

It was January 11, when Keller Laros, founder of the Manta Pacific Research Foundation, led a group of divers on a tour of the waters off of Kona, Hawaii. He’s always with his professional underwater videographers when he goes on his dives.

The coast of Hawaii was a known place for diving enthusiasts. And there seemed to be nothing unusual when Keller Laros and his team began their dive. Among all the exotic fishes and stingrays, the group of divers had one surprise guest.

A bottlenose dolphin allegedly felt there were humans close by and intuitively came close to them and asked for help.

According to Keller Laros, all of a sudden he heard a loud squeak and when he turned around, a dolphin who was swimming alone was literally three feet behind me. He quoted, “He swam right up to me.”

As the dolphin circled around him, he saw that he had a fishing line caught onto his fin. He successfully removed the painful binding from the dolphin’s fin.

The dolphin responded to the diver when it permitted him to untie the line, as if they understood each other.

Keller Laros might have helped manta rays and turtles but he claimed that it was his first time to rescue a dolphin.

According to reports, several days earlier, the bottlenose dolphin got a fishing hook stuck in his mouth and by the time he found help, the fishing line was already wrapped strongly around his fin.

Not all sea animals can call for help like what this dolphin did, so let this be a reminder to keep and maintain our beaches clean.

The footage of Keller Laros and the dolphin had gotten over 14 million views as of this writing. Watch the video below and share us your thoughts on the comment section!

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