Buffalo and Lion engaged in a deadly battle that lasted for an hour

On the off chance that you were on a campground and you see a lion secured in blood, what are you going to do?

An African buffalo or Cape buffalo is a huge African ox-like species. It not identified with the larger wild Asian water buffalo and their family relationship is not yet clear. These wild ox can be found in South and East Africa.

Ruthless fight between a lion and a buffalo
Ruthless fight between a lion and a buffalo.

The smallest sub-species can be found in the timberland of Central and West Africa. A fully developed buffalo horn has intertwined bases, shaping a consistent bone shield. This is referred to as a "boss". This is classified as a unsafe creatures since it guts and slaughters more than 200 individuals a year. They were never trained compared to their counterparts the Asian water buffalo. Beside people, lion is one of their predators and they have a capability of defending themselves.

An African buffalo can have a shoulder height from 3.3 to 5.6 feet. They have a span of 5.6 to 11.2 feet from head to body. Their tail can grow up to 28 to 43 inches. They are heavy four legged mammal which weighs from 500 to 900 kilograms for a Savannah-type wild ox. While the forest-type buffalos can weigh 250 to 450 kilos. A Savannah type buffalos have black or dark brown coats. The female buffalos have more reddish coats. The forest-type buffaloes are reddish brown in color where the horns are curve back and slightly up.

These buffalos are used for hunting. There is a game called "big-five game family". The term used to describe the five most dangerous animals to hunt. They consider the African buffalos as a trophy during hunting but they are also considered for their meat. Hunters are paying $10,000 to hunt one of the African buffalos.

In the video, the campers caught on film a wild and epic fight between a lion and a buffalo. The lion is already covered in blood while the buffalo is still fighting the lion. The lion tries to lure the buffalo by pretending to be dead. On the later part of the video, you will see that some of the buffalo from their pack helped the buffalo who is fighting the lion.

The campers, from Mwamba Camp in South Luangwa National Park in Africa, were speechless as they are rolling the film. They were side comments that the lion is already helpless and no more will to fight the buffalo.

What can you say about this event that was caught on film?

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