AlDub was caught doing something behind the scenes. Joey's reaction was so HILARIOUS!

Alden and Maine was caught on cam doing something funny while on set of Eat Bulaga. Joey De Leon's statements on Twitter was definitely a winner reactions!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
Last January 16, 2016, Alden Richards and Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza celebrated their 6th Monthsary. The two was on the Broadway to give thanks to the audience and specially to spread love and happiness.

Time flies so fast that AlDub had already celebrated their 6th Month together. Alden and Maine owes their popularity and achievements to their fans. So in giving back to AlDub Nation they celebrated it together.

While on set, the two were caught on cam "holding legs" (as the aldub nation describes it) with each other. Their co-hosts along with the De Explorer Sisters were saying their spiels while the two love birds are behind the couch and doing that funny thing.

When the video was uploaded, a lot of the fans were "kilig" of what they saw. It just means that Alden and Maine were that close to be playing that kind of 'kulitan'.

The video got so many reactions not only from the fans but also from one of Eat Bulaga's henyo master, Joey De Leon.

He posted his reactions on twitter that made everyone laugh, because of his very good jokes and 'banats'.

According to Joey De Leon, Alden and Maine are only playing. They are playing 'LEGO'. Nice joke sir Joey!

After that Joey said that the current hashtag #AlDubSerendipity should be replaced with #AlDubSerenTheFeet!

And then he sang let it go... with hot legs...

AlDub was always doing their pinky swear, so Joey said that the latest swear is BINTI SWEAR!

And lastly, for Joey De Leon's reaction. They should change Eat Bulaga's name into Eat BuLEGa. And Kalyeserye into KALYOserye. So witty Henyo Master!

The 'holding legs' of the two happened at the past 4 minutes of the Q&A. The fans got the chance to ask Alden and Maine. One of them asked them if they have a monthsary in real life. The two were speechless and just smile. And they said: " Ite-text na lang po namin sa inyo."

Before they end their celebration, Alden asked Maine with a very serious question.
"Seryoso ako, please…akin ka na lang, " Alden asked Maine.

Maine were speechless and can't say anything. So Alden told her what can he do to make her say "Yes".

And then Maine told him that she will answer his questions when he pass her 3 conditions.

Watch the video:

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AlDub was caught doing something behind the scenes. Joey's reaction was so HILARIOUS! AlDub was caught  doing something behind the scenes. Joey's reaction was so HILARIOUS! Reviewed by TrendSpot on Friday, February 05, 2016 Rating: 5

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