Alden and Maine admitted something. What do you think it is?

Is this what Aldub Nation has been waiting for so long? Is this their "PERFECT TIME"? Will they finally admit their relationship status? Let's find out!

Photo credits to the owner
Photo credits to the owner
A video that was by a user 'AlDub Loveteam' and uploaded on YouTube shows some hints on what was really Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards' relationship status.

Many of AlDub fans wanted to know the real score between the two. So, fans would always give 'meanings' to Alden and Maine's tweets. Just like what the video is all about.

According to AlDub Loveteam who created the video, Alden admitted something on his Twitter account. What is it?

During their 6th monthsary Alden tweeted something that will make you feel 'kilig'. Is it about Maine? Is this because Maine came into his life? So many questions..

Alden's tweet:

Is Maine the one who changed his life completely? Is he and Maine really on a relationship? What do you think AlDub Nation? There actions and words sometimes tells us that maybe they are really on a relationship. Alden's sweetness, Maine's being so concern to Alden.

Maine also tweeted something that gives us another hint. What is she talking about?

Maine's tweet:

Is she looking for her true love? Her Mr. Right? Yes Maine, Alden exists!

Ever since after the 'Tamang Panahon Concert' Maine and Alden was inseparable. We always see them making fun together. We see how sweet they are with each other and how close they are. 

Some even said that these two are in a relationship already. But they are not admitting it. 

Alden and Maine are open that they are single and just enjoying each others company. And even said that they are 'very good friends'.

In an interview with Alden and Maine, they were asked if they're both really in love or they are just putting an act for the sake of their fans and sponsors.

“Well, that’s for people to find out very soon. Whatever we have now, we're just making the most out of it and we're just having fun," Alden said.

According to Maine, she and Alden are open on having a real relationship even off cam but she said if people can't pressure them.

“But no pressure, please. We're not closing our doors to what's going to happen next between the two of us,” said Maine.

Even their Dabarkads are also waiting for these two to admit their real relationship status. Wally Bayola who plays Lola Nidora said that he wants real thing for Maine and Alden. 

According to Wally, sometimes what Maine says on cam is not written on the script. There are times she made up her own lines when talking to Alden. So maybe it comes from her heart.

Hmmm. We just have to wait what the future brings for these two. A lot of the fans wanted them to end up together. Let's see..

Watch the video here:

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