22 EVIDENCES that we're already living in the FUTURE!

With all these technologies nowadays, i might believe that we are already living in the FUTURE! What do you think?

Future is Awesome!
Future is Awesome!

A video uploaded on YouTube by CompilarizTV, shows 22 proof that we're living in the future. Some of them we use almost in our everyday lives, some can be seen in movies and some are really unbelievable that it can really happen!

Whenever we watch those amazing science fiction movies on cinema we always got amazed, that once we thought that for sure future will be awesome. But, many of us don't know that we are already crossed the doorstep of our future.

Those incredible computers and other stuff we see in movies, are finally happening! Here are some proofs that we are already in the future. Though some of them are really unbelievable as the artificial intelligence behind those are quite complex that makes them hard to explain.

So here, take a look and enjoy!

1. There's an application that translates in real time.

2. A spoon was made to help those with Parkinson's disease to eat properly

3. There are Holograms on ice cream applications

4. A Harry Potter-esque ads in Subways

5. Digital libraries where you scan the QR code to get the book that you want

6. Astronauts are taking "selfies" in the outer space

7. See those death defying scenes in some movies (i.e falling from a broken bridge) they just use these green screen

8. Bathrooms with smart glass that obscures the bathroom when you lock it

9. This progression of storage

10. There are doors that are from science fiction movie

11. Scientists are making videos out of human memories

12. The robots they create are getting more realistic each passing year

13. Whenever we go to a party or concert instead of just watching or listening we get to do this now..

14. Transparent cars are in development

15. There are lots of plants that was discovered this year, compared to the previous two years

16. The accurate response of this bionic arm

17. And of course those bionic hand when use at work

18. There's a trash can that follows your trash

19. Cities are growing at an alarming rate. For example Shanghai between 1987 and now

20. An Oculus Rift is being used for 3D imaging

21. Chemically-Treated clothing

22. And everything we had before are now in just one gadget!

Convincing right? There are still lots of photos and proofs out there that proves that we are now living in the future. Like what's trending today, in just one press on our phone we can already have a car waiting for us in just like, what, 5-10 minutes?!

Everything seems so easy to use, thanks to those scientists and their experiments!

Watch the video here:

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