Why this monkey is shaking with laughter after seeing a cup?

How will you react if you saw a monkey’s response when he sees magic for the first time?

This monkey is laughing at the empty cup?
This monkey is laughing at the empty cup?

Magic tricks or stage magic is an act to entertain audiences by creating illusions which is impossible or supernatural. Magicians are referred to the performers such illusions or tricks. There are different kinds of magic tricks from pulling a rabbit out of a hat, making an item to disappear or transforming the color of a handkerchief. Sometimes magicians try to restore what has been destroyed like joining a cut rope. Other illusions are defying gravity, passing a solid object to other solid object and ability to predict what will happen next. They mix this different performances in a single show.

There are different kinds of magic. There are stage illusions where the magicians use a large-scale props and even huge animals. Platform magic for medium and large audience and close-up magic where the audience is very near to the magician.

The earliest published book of magic tricks was in 1489 and in 1584, Reginald Scot published a book that is devoted in exposing the claims of using supernatural methods by magicians and showing how their so called magic tricks were accomplished.

In the video below, a man tries to conduct a magic trick to one of the monkeys in the zoo. He placed a fruit inside a cup while the monkey is closely watching on his performance. Then, this man covers the cup and shake it. Afterwards, he removes the cover of the cup and show it to the monkey. At first, the monkey seems to be bored on the magic trick. In a few minutes, the monkey realized that the fruit was gone and he laugh at the illusion that was made the man outside the cage. The man and the other audience also laugh together with the monkey not because of the magic trick but on the monkey’s reaction.

What can you say about the monkey’s reactions after seeing an illusion for the first time?

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