What are the strangest planet in the galaxy?

Space is the final frontier. Many astronomers are discovering new planets every year. What can you say if you have found a strange planet in the universe?

What do you think the weirdest planet?
What do you think the weirdest planet?

In the past decade, new planets are being discovered by our astronomers. Some of them are habitable and some are not. Some of them seem identical to the planets in the solar system. Here are some of the weirdest planets in the known universe.

Planet J1407B - this planet canb e found 400 light years away from the Earth. It has a planetary rights that is 200 times bigger than Saturn’s rings. Scientists are still puzzled how this planet acquire ring that is bigger than the planet itself. If the rings of Saturn is the same as J1407B it can be seen day and night. It is much larger than the moon.
In the Crux constellation, around 300 light years from Earth, you can found planet HD106906B. This lonely planet is 11 times bigger than Jupiter. Astronomers called this as super Jupiter because of its massive size. The size is 20 times larger than the space between the sun and Neptune.

Around 780 light years away from Earth, you can found planet TrEs-2b. This is the darkest planet known because it is dimly lit. Your reflection will reflects less than 1% when the light hits the surface.

Planet 55 Cancri E is considered as girl’s best friend because it is a massive diamond floating in space. It was formed from an orbiting star which was compose of carbon and due to intense pressure and heat this planet formed into a large diamond. If this planet can be harvest and sold to local market. It will be valued to $26.9 nonillion. This unpolished diamond planet can be found 40 light years away from Earth.

The most recently discovered planet is the Gliese 436b, an ice planet which is the same size as Neptune. This planet is very close to it star that the surface is constantly on fire. This is due to the gravitational force of the planet.

WASP-12b is so close to its star which is being eaten alive by the star. With this extreme force, the planet seems to be distorted.

Gliese 581 C can support life. This planet is orbiting in a tiny red dwarf star. The only way that you can live in this planet between the day and night side. The atmosphere on this side is breathable. The crimson light can help plants in their photosynthesis. The astronomers send a message to this planet hoping that they can made contact.

The waterworld planet named GJ 12-14B has no land and absolutely an ocean planet.

After watching the video below, what do you think is the most weirdest planet?

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