Weirdest beauty products that you can actually buy online

It's probably no secret that China's biggest online market took beauty products to the next level!

Taobao, famous Chinese online market, is probably the place where you can buy almost everything and anything you want. Taobao is also very known for those beauty enthusiasts who really want to have a hold for latest and trendiest beaut product with a really cheap price.

Strange looking product for anti-ageing

The online market doesn't just offer affordable prices, they also have different shipping methods.

However, some may wonder if beauty products from Taobao actually work. Alicia Tan from Singapore tried to answer this question when she posted a review on Mashable about the current top five hottest items she bought in Tabao.

First off her list is the Detangling hair brush.

According to Alicia Tan, this item is obviously the same as the Tangle Teezer handle-less brush but costs $15 onwards. This brush can be used either for wet or dry hair then it can comb even through the gnarliest knots of your hair!

Alicia Tan trying out the Eye balancing massager

Next on the list is the Eye balancing massager. This beauty tool is said ti massage the eyes and help coax out double eyelids.

However, Alicia Tan stated that she did not find the item very soothing to use.

Another Taobao beauty tool is the Eyeliner template guide. This is a must for those people who are having a hard time drawing a consistent line using an eyeliner.

According to Alicia Tan, she prefer to use pencil eyeliner with this item because it is easier to control as you trace the template guide. She also said that this can also be a big help in applying false lashes.

Alicia Tan also gave the Silicone nose clip a shot.

This item was supposed to help shape your nose and nose bridge but the clip only did was to firmly pinch you nose and made it really impossible to breath. This item doesn't work miracles.

Next beauty tool on the list was the Anti-wrinkle and face-slimming belt.

This item obviously makes the user look really ridiculous. The rubber of the belt is not that pleasant and is not that tolerable. The facial belt has done nothing that it claimed to do.

Here's the truth, According to Alicia Tan, there are no quick fixes to "face lifts" And the sooner you realize this, the less money you will waste.

But it doesn't stop there! Because here is a video compilation of other extremely weird beauty products from around the world.

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