Watchmaker took 7 years in creating the most complicated watch in the world

If you owned a company that is running for 175 years, what are you going to do to celebrate this Dodransbicentennial event?

see how they build this most complicated watch
see how they build this most complicated watch

Patek Philippe is a Swiss watch manufacturer established in 1851. Their headquarters is located in Geneva and Vallee de Joux. They are known for designing and manufacturing timepieces and movements. Some of their creations includes the most complicated mechanical watches.

Founder Antoni Patek, a Polich watchmaker, started making pocket watches in 1839 together with his fellow partner Franciszek Czapek where they parted ways in 1844. In 1845 Patek join French watchmaker Adrien Phillippe, who invented the key-less winding mechanism and founded Patek Phillippe & Co in 1851.

Patek revolutionized the perpetual calendar, split-seconds hand, chronograph and minute repeater in watches. They are also notable for manufacturing their own watch components. In 1976, they have introduced Nautilus collection to penetrate the sport watch segment. Their sport watch is produced in highest quality and to refresh their brand image while perpetuating the tradition. It was target for dynamic business managers of that generation.

In 2012, they have produced 50,000 watches and the most expensive watch that they have created is the Henry Graves Supercomplication timepiece which cost around $11 million. It was sold to a Qatari royal family.

In 2015, the Swiss watchmaker unveils their 175th anniversary watch called Grandmaster Chime. This double-face reversible case wristwatch is most expensive and complicated that the company had ever created. It priced at $2.6 million. It has 20 complications, the higher the complication the more expensive the cost of the watch. It has 1366 watch movement components, 214 case components, and it took them 7 years in developing this watch. They took 2 years placing it on production. It has also 5 chimes and 3 gongs. It has 18-karat gold and sapphire crystals. A total of 6 patented inventions where introduced during production.

See how Patek Phillippe created this most complicated watch by watching the video below and tell us what can you say about this watch after watching it.

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