Watch what Alden confessed during Kalyeserye Halloween Special!

Let's take a look back at Kalyeserye's Halloween Episode where Alden and Maine was seen hugging each other.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
During Kalyeserye's October 31, 2015, Halloween Special people went crazy when they saw Alden and Maine in each others arms after the Tamang Panahon in Philippine Arena.

The episode was about the 'The Explorer's' grandmothers house. Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) has to find their grandmother's house to look for the said 'ring'. With the help of her sisters, Lola Tinidora (Jose Manalo), Lola Tidora (Paolo Ballesteros) they were also joined by Alden Richards and Maine 'Yaya Dub' Mendoza.

The 'The Explorer' sisters were dressed as witches, while Alden was costumed as Edward Cullen and Yaya Dub as Bella Swan of Twilight.

The 5 of them went to an old house, as they enter the creepy house they saw a portrait of an old woman which looks like Lola Nidora. She then confirm that it was their grandmother.

One of the highlights of that episode and best part for the AlDub fans was when the light went off and when the light came back, Alden and Yaya Dub were seen hugging each other tightly.

Sam Yg was asking Alden who hugged first on that moment, we can see Alden's face smiling as he tell Sam that he was the first one who hugged Maine.

The audience went crazy because of that confession. Even Alden was laughing because of what he has done.

We can see Alden's right arm was hugging Yaya Dub's back, while his left arm was holding her head close to her chest. Yaya Dub's arms were wrapped around Alden's back. They were hugging each other tightly!

Alden and Maine loves to hug every time they see each other during Kalyeserye. We can always see that Alden was always at her side and always ready to hug her. It was a really nice gesture of Alden.

It bring kilig and romance to a lot of AlDub fans all over the world.

Watch the video here:

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