Watch how Maine surprises Alden as a msytery caller in Sunday Pinasaya!

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Screenshot from the video (Credits to 24 Oras)
Screenshot from the video (Credits to 24 Oras)
During the segment "DJ Bae" of noontime show "Sunday Pinasaya", Alden Richards had a funny surprise when he unexpectedly received a phone call from her on-screen partner Maine Mendoza.

In that segment of "Sunday Pinasaya", he's role was a radio DJ. Alden as 'DJ Bae' and his co-host Jerald Napoles as 'DJ Peter the Bitter', in which they gives advice to their callers about love problems.

The episode for that day's 143.44 Kilig Radio Program started as usual as they take a caller name "Honey" from Quezon City.

While they were talking to "Honey" over the phone about some love problems, the line was cut. It was then that the staff of "Pinasaya Show" started their prank to Alden.

He does know that Maine was their next caller. He thought it was just a normal phone call. But Jerald Napoles was also one of the pranksters, he was informed about it.

Jerald as DJ Peter interviewed their caller which is from Bulacan. At that time you can see Jerald was already smiling because he knows the prank and Alden looks puzzled.

The audience went crazy when Alden noticed that it was Maine Mendoza when Jerald asked her if she was at the "Tamang Panahon" concert in Philippine Arena.

"Ano ba pangalan mo, ate, pakisabi? asked Jerald DJ Peter.

"Maine Mendoza po," she answered.

That time everyone in the studio screamed and went crazy while Alden was just smiling and still can't believe that it was happening.

Their conversation went on that it makes everyone 'kilig' specially when they were asked what happened after the "Tamang Panahon" concert.

According to Jerald DJ Peter, he and Alden had given a script to follow but he and Maine also had another script.

"So ang nangyari, sabi ni Alden, 'Je, may notes sa script. Hindi na daw tayo magba-banter, first caller kaagad. Alam mo na ba 'yun? Dalawa daw caller natin ngayon. Nabasa mo na ba?' Ako naman, 'Oo nabasa ko na.' So wala siyang alam. Kaya kung uulitin niyo ang video, pag-ring ng phone, 'Hello po, DJ Bae,' nakangiti na ako kaagad kasi alam ko na ang mangyayari." Jerald said.

He was asked what Alden said to him after the segment.

"Pagkatapos nun, sa backstage, [sabi niya] 'Kasabwat ka! Kasabwat ka! Loko-loko ka! Ang galing niyo doon, pare!' Ganun siya nang ganun. Actually gusto niya rin naman 'yung nangyari, si Alden pa. Kitang-kita naman sa mukha ni Alden na gustong-gusto niya ang nangyari." he said.

Jerald said that AlDub will be having alot more time of giving people laughter and 'kakiligan' because they follow that proper etiquette for courting which is waiting for the tamang panahon and not making everything easy to get.

Watch the video here:

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