Watch how Alden reacted when he heard Maine's name!

Alden brings us #KiligPaMore!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
This video uploaded on YouTube by one of AlDub's avid fan brings AlDub Nation excitement. And specially kilig!

As seen on the video, Alden was busy on his mall press con when his fans started to shout his name. But he seemed not to hear them.

They keep on shouting his name when one of the girls from the group shouted Maine Mendoza's name, he immediately turned around with a huge smile on his face.

But not only a simple smile, he looks like he was 'kilig' when he heard Maine's name from the crowd.

As he smiled to them, the fans screamed to death and shouted 'I LOVE YOU' to Alden. He smirked back and smiled again.

This simple gesture of Alden is the reason why AlDub fans are very into them. Those smiles, facial expressions, and kind gestures are their power.

Alden and Maine's fans are from all over the world. OFW and even celebrities are entertained by them.

AlDub Nation is now one of the biggest fans club for a love team. They really defend, protect and support Alden and Maine.

They would always come to their mall shows, tours, and even press con.

Alden and Maine really knows how to treat their fans. And that's the reason why they love them so much!

Watch the video here:

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