WATCH! Fisherman freaked out when he saw the creature he just caught!

Fishing is all about calmness until you accidentally caught this creature, then it will be about nothing but screaming.

Two fishermen caught a ten foot shark
Two fishermen caught a ten foot shark

The two fishermen's patience and composure was challenged when they faced an unusual catch. When some one accidentally hooked  shark, they would have screamed at the top of their lungs too until the situation resolves itself.

On December 24, two New Zealand fishermen, Elliot Gordon and Paul Arlington set off early in the morning on a Christmas Ever to fish for some snapper.

For the two fishermen, things were going great because the fish were going for their bait. Then something happened which made them extremely surprised - they hooked a bronze whaler shark. They screamed and laughed as it began to leap out of the water.

They were peacefully waiting for a bait in Tauranga Harbour when the ten foot shark decided to take their bait.

According to them, the fish suddenly went off their bite and the place just went quite. Then something which they think is quite huge took their bat and their line just started tearing off their reel.

Elliot Gordon was sure that it was heard in the video and he instantly thought that he have definitely hooked a shark.

He also revealed that the shark took their bait two times in a row, he explained that he hopefully thought he won't catch the shark again so he threw another bait and said to his mate, Paul Arlington, that he should probably film it in case the shark take their bait again. So they got their phones and started filming and sure enough, the shark went for their bait for the second time.

As New Zealand Herald reported, the bronze whaler shark was on Gordon's line for about thirty minutes.

They admitted that they were both quite scared but they said, Adrenalin was flowing through their body.

The dramatic 21 second moment was caught on cam and was uploaded on YouTube by Storyful News. The video has already garnered thousands of views!

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