WATCH! American tries Filipino food.. His reactions are priceless!

You will have a good laugh watching him try some fun Filipino foods and sweets!

American tries Filipino food

YouTube use, Matthias, uploaded a video of himself trying out a variety of food made in the Philippines. His video has a whooping 649,144 views!

After Matthias did a video where he tried some British food, he decided to create a new video where he tries out Filipino food. Before he started unraveling the tastes of Filipino food, he admitted that he was nervous.

The Polvoron pinipig flavor was the first in his list. He has does not have the slightest clue was pinipig is. When he was trying to open the plastic wrappings, he was laughing as he said, "Why is it so messy?" and "Why do it smell like fish?"

The next thing he was really curious to try was the famous Filipino food, Hopia Ube. He said that it looked like a blue berry muffin. Unfortunately, unlike most of the Filipino, he didn't like the taste of Hopia. According to him, it tasted like paste.

He also tried the chocolate drink, Moo and without a doubt, he loved its taste! He even said that he would definitely try it again.

Jack and Jill product, Chocolate Pretzels was given a thumbs up by Matthias. He even compared it to a foreign food and said, "I like this better... this gets a definite thumbs up!"

At first, Matthias admitted that he doesn't really like shrimps but he still gave the Filipino food a shot!

What do you think of the his reactions? Did you react the same way when you took the first bite of Polvoron? Did you also loved the taste of Moo and Chocolate Pretzels? What other chichirya would you love to eat aside from Oishi Prawn Crackers?

Watch the rest of the video below and share us your thoughts on the comment box!

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