This orangutan grabbed a sack, what happens next is just clever

What will you do if you saw an orangutan creating something extraordinary with the sack?

See how this orangutan builds a hammock from scratch
See how this orangutan builds a hammock from scratch

Orangutans can only be found in Asia region. These are native to Indonesia and Malaysia but now they can only be found in rainforest of Borneo and Sumatra. Orangutans are the only surviving species of the subfamily Ponginae. This also includes three extinct species of Gigantopithecus. Their ancestors came from Africa 16 to 19 million years ago which migrated into Asia.

Orangutans are the most movable when in trees and most of them spent time in trees. The hairs are reddish-brown shade compared to their close relatives the chimpanzees and gorillas that have brown or black hair.

The male and female orangutans have different characteristics. An adult male have distinctive cheek pad and makes a long calls to attract females. Younger males don’t have these characteristics and can be resembled as an adult female. In the ape kingdom, Orangutans are the most solitary, have strong social bonds between mothers and their offspring. They usually stay together for the first two years. The most typical food of these primates is fruits. They also eat vegetation, bark, honey, insects and bird’s eggs. They can live until 30 years in both wild and captivity.

Based on research, orangutans are the most intelligent primates, they ulitized different sophisticated tools and construct sleeping nest every night from different branches and foliage. They have been extensively studied for their learning abilities. These species are considered as endangered where the Sumatran orangutans are tagged as critically endangered. This is because of the human activities that cause massive declination in the populations. These activities are poaching, destruction of habitat, and illegal pet trading.

In the video below, a 14-year-old female Orangutan constructs a hammock she gathered a sack lying on the cage floor and tied in on the bar of the cage. After constructing the hammock, she tries to lay on it and it seems that the orangutan is very comfortable with her home-mad hammock. The bystanders are very amazed on what the orangutan have created.

What can you say about this intelligent orangutan?

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