This octopus befriends with a snorkeler in a very odd way

What will you do if one of the scariest creature of the sea grab hold of you using their 8 tentacles?

This snorkeler has a close encounter with an octopus
This snorkeler has a close encounter with an octopus 

Octopus is an inkfish from the family of Octopada. It has two eyes, eight arms, and a beak that is located at the center of the arms. They are bilaterally symmetric unlike their other cousins which are the squids. It has no internal or external skeleton which allow them to flatten their body in tight places.

Most octopus can be found in ocean floors, coral reefs and near the bottom of a shore. It uses ejection of ink, camouflaging and making it conspicuous if there are predators. It has an ability to jet quickly through the water and to hide. All octopuses are poisonous, however the blue-ringed octopus is know that can harm a live of a human.

Scientist considered octopus as a highly intelligent than other invertebrates. They are still conducting studying on how intelligent this creature is. They conduct maze and problem-solving test that have shown evidence that it can store short and long-term memory. Octopus has a highly complex nervous system where the only part which is localized in its brain. Some of the neurons are found in the nerve cords of the arms which has limited autonomy functions. Octopus can be trained to determine different shapes and patterns.

Octopus eats crabs, worms and other mollusks like whelks and clams. Open-ocean octopus eats prawns, fishes and other ink-fishes. For large breed, they eat some species of sharks and there were evidence that they eat seabirds as well.

The largest species of octopus is the giant Pacific octopus. It weighs approximately 15 kilos and can span up to 28 feet. Also, there are some 7-arm octopus, these are the Haliphron atlanticus. One of the smallest breed of octopus is the California two-spot octopus. This can be found in coast of California. They are friendly and relative hardiness which is the best pet octopus. Their lifespan is around 1 to 2 years.

In the video below, a snorkeler captured the friendly behavior of this octopus. He was snorkeling in Rock Lobster in Perth Australia when he place his arm in a small cave. He was surprised when he saw an octopus on his arm. He tries to budge it but it won’t let go. Then after a few minutes, the octopus escaped and continue probing the ocean floor.

What can you say about his close encounter with an octopus?

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This octopus befriends with a snorkeler in a very odd way This octopus befriends with a snorkeler in a very odd way Reviewed by TrendSpot on Thursday, January 21, 2016 Rating: 5

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