This man stacks up matchsticks in a weird way just to entertain the viewers

How will you react if something simple can makes an astounding outcome?

Amazing Fire Domino using matchsticks
Amazing Fire Domino using matchsticks

Match is a tool used from starting a fire. These need in burning wood during camping or starting the coal on your barbecue stand. These mostly made of small wooden sticks or sometimes paper. The tip of the stick is coated with a material that is flamed up when fiction is added. These are pack into boxes that are called matchboxes. The tip of the matchsticks is composed of bead of active ingredients and a binder.

The early versions of matches where invented in the 577AD in China. It is a small stick of pinewood where soak in sulfur. Prior in the use of matches, there were burning glass which helps to burn something by focusing the sun on tinder. However, this can only work on sunny days. To solve this problem, Hennig Brandt, an alchemist, discovered the flammable nature of phosphorus. These were continued by Robert Boyle and Ambrose Godfrey in the 1680 but their experiment where costly and impractical.

In the video below, a man tries to create a domino of fire. Nope, not the famous Domino song by Jessie J. He towered up the matchsticks inside a heat resistant glass at the bottom and side. He secures that there are no combustible materials within the area for safety.

The he light-up the top part of the pile matchsticks. Then in a few minutes, you can see that there is a fire domino. The fire seems to be moving from top to bottom and lightning up the other side in a synchronized manner.

At the end of the video all the matchsticks were burned out and the tower just collapsed.

What can you say about his demonstration of an amazing fire domino? Will you try it for yourself as well?

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This man stacks up matchsticks in a weird way just to entertain the viewers This man stacks up matchsticks in a weird way just to entertain the viewers Reviewed by TrendSpot on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 Rating: 5

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