This guy just created the world largest thinking putty

Have you seen Flubber came into life? How about a 5 kilos of metallic Flubber?

This guy created the largest and heaviest putty
This guy created the largest and heaviest putty

Flubber is a 1997 comedy film starring Robin William as Professor Brainard. This is a remake of “The Absent-Minded Professor” which was shown in 1961. For the millenniums, they still remember flubber. It was accidentally created by the absent minded professor. Flubber is a lively rubbery like substance that has it own personality.

If you mixed this silly putty material with a magnetic substance then you have created a magnetic putty. It has the same property of a flubber where you can stretched, bounced, molded, popped and torn. However, the only difference with this putty that it carries a magnetic personality. It exhibits an engrossing properties.

Thanks to the millions of minute micro-sized magnets that are embedded in each handful of putty. Using a super-strong magnet you can sway this blob like you are manipulating a snake with a flute. You can even create a magnet out of this substance by putting and leaving a magnet in the surface of the putty. This can attracts pins and paper clips for easy sorting.

But on the video below, a guy had a bright idea by creating the world largest putty. He combines 50 cans of magnetic thinking putty. It costs around $750 plus he ordered a giant neodymium magnet which cost around $160 just to manipulate the largest thinking putty. The grand total for his experiment cost around Php8,300.

They try to tear the biggest putty with a help of a friend. He placed a magnet on top of the putty and see what it can do. It seems that you are controlling a big metallic snake. He also placed a large magnet which was consumed in 34 minutes. He tries tall can this putty can take. It manages to reach 2 feet high.

What can you say about his discovery? Will it go to the Guinness book of records?

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