This cameraman falls down on road after a nearby explosion

What will you do if a factory just exploded? This is not just an ordinary factory but a factory of fireworks.

An explosion captured on film
An explosion captured on film

Fireworks or firecrackers are low explosive pyrotechnic devices. They are used for aesthetic and entertainment purposes. A pyrotechnic or firework show is a display of effects that are produced by a firework device. There are also competitions being held in different countries. Fireworks produce four primary effects. This are noise, light, smoke and floating materials (e.g. confetti). The colors my vary from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and silver. This are being used around the word and it is widely used for cultural and religious celebrations.

Fireworks are invented in China during the 12th century. This is to scare away evil spirits during some important events like Chinese New Year and Mid-autumn Moon Festival. During the ancient times, they are using gun powder to product this natural explosion.

In the United Kingdom, there are four categories of fireworks. These are indoor fireworks that can be used in small areas. Garden fireworks that is viewable from 5 meters and must not scatter beyond 3 meters. Display fireworks, that is viewable from 25 meters and the debris must not scatter beyond 50 meters. Professional fireworks where the person have substantial amount of insurance and storage to purchase and use these fireworks.

In the video below, a cameraman in Colombia ran into a scene where a factory of fireworks is on fire. He started filming the event however, due to the blaze of the fire, all the fireworks inside the factory exploded. It was New Year’s Eve or Fourth of July celebration.

Lucky for this guy, he didn’t sustain any inquiry during the explosion. However, during filming, he falls down on the road which gives him some bruises that will leave a mark on his diary.

What can you say about the experience of this cameraman that truly will leave a mark to tell his grandchildren?

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