Sickening as a man feeds hundreds of bedbugs

Have you tried feeding a colony of bedbugs using your arm? How are you going to react to this man feeding a jug of these little blood suckers?

He culture bedbugs as pets
He culture bedbugs as pets

Bed bugs are creepy parasitic crawlies from the cimicid family that feeds exclusively on human blood. The name bedbug gets from the favored habitant of these blood suckers which are warm houses and most particularly near or inside beds and beddings or other dozing areas. Bedbugs are active at night but are not solely nighttime. They more often than not feast upon their hosts without being noticed.

A grown-up bedbugs are light cocoa to ruddy chestnut in color, flatten, oval-shaped and have no rear wings. The front wings are rudimentary and reduced to a pad-like structure. They have a divided stomach area with a minute hairs that give them a united appearance. Adults can grow up to 5 millimeters long and up to 3 millimeters wide.

A newly hatched nymphs are translucent, lighter in color and become browner as they shed and achieve maturity. In any age, they needed to devoured blood as a meal and their abdomen turns into a bright red translucent shading. Bedbugs are mistaken for other insects like booklice, small cockroaches and floor covering scarabs.

A bite of a blood suckers may lead to an alternate scope of skin manifestations from no unmistakable impacts to prominent blisters. This includes skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms.

In the video underneath, a man named Luke breeds a colony of bedbugs inside a glass jug. To sustain this dreadful insects, he turns the jar and place it to the skin. There is screen mesh on the top of the jar for these bedbugs go and feed Luke’s arm. In a short period of time, you will see that Luke’s arm seems to be burned. There is a slight raise on the area of the arm where Luke placed his colony of bugs. If he leaves the bedbugs feeding for more than ten minutes, a bigger swollen skin will be archived.

What can you see about his hobby and his pet? Will you try it for yourself?

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