Scary event as this lady attacked by a reticulated python in an animal show

What will do you if a python attacked you?

This lady was bitten by a python
This lady was bitten by a python
A reticulated python is one of the common snake that can be found in Thailand. This is one of the largest python in that country. It can grow up to 12 to 13 meters in length and weighs around 220 kilograms. This can be found all over Thailand and in the inner city of Bangkok. This type of python can be found in flatland woods and near to a body of water. This snake is very active at night and an incredible swimmer in a very long distance. When the Krakatau volcano exploded in 18888, this is the first reptile to settle in that area. These snakes are very aggressive and will bite in a slight disturbance. A python who is 4 meters long and above are very dangerous to humans. However, these are not poisonous because of their sheer size.

In the video below, a Chinese tourist named Jin Jing, 29 years old, visited an animal show in Chalong, Thailand last January 9, 2016. She attempts to kiss the reticulated python during the show near Phuket Zoo. The audience screaming as the python handler was in shocked and tries to remove the python from the victim’s nose.

The victim was rushed to the Phuket International Hospital and released after the applying some medication to the victim. The victim received several stitches on her nose. The company, who owns the show, pays US$ 3,200 for the damages that the python inflicted on her nose.

The Phuket News post a close-up photo of Jin’s face where there are several stitches on her nose.

Chinese tourist received stitches
Chinese tourist received stitches

The news went viral over the net and the video was viewed 1 million times in Youtube.

What can you say about this incident? Will you try to kiss a python in exchange with your beautiful nose? You may need to think twice.

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