RARE footage of a crocodile being eaten alive by lions!

Incredible video shows the rare and brutal scene in which two lions take on a helpless crocodile!

Two lions attacking a helpless crocodile
Two lions attacking a helpless crocodile

Confrontations between lions and crocodiles are said to be really rare events. Incidents of lions attacking crocodiles, and vice versa, have been captured on film before even though the lions usually shy away from confronting them.

Lions as apex predators reigning over the land like proverbial “kings of the jungle,” usually does not need to be concerned about being eaten by other animals.

On the other hand, crocodiles are known to kill their prey by submerging them into the water until they drown,  But despite that lofty place on top of the food chain, obviously,  not all the animals they live among them consider them that invulnerable.

According to the writers of NatGeo TV, Lions are wary of crocodiles and will generally avoid the water to stay away from crocodiles.

They also reported that occasionally, these crocodiles have been known to attack lions while they are drinking at the water's edge while lions are known to attack and prey on baby crocodiles.

In the rare footage, two men are looking over a crocodile walking peacefully along the seaside. While, two lions are drinking water until they saw the crocodile passing along. The lions didn't waste any time. They swiftly run towards the crocodile.

The lions didn't attack the crocodile just yet. They started sniffing the reptile while it tried to shy away the lions by trying to bite them. Both of the lions tried to swipe its claws at the crocodile. Then one of the lions had a good grip on the crocodile, they both started to bite it. Unfortunately, the crocodile did not have any time to slip free from the lions clutches.

The crocodile is crippled because of the multi-lion attack. It is like dog eat dog in the wild, or in the case of this video captured.

Watch the full action packed video below!

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