Pigeon chicks died unexpectedly, see how the parents responded

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Why the baby doves died?
Why the baby doves died?

Doves or pigeons are stout-bodied bird with short necks with slender and small bills with fleshy ceres. They mostly feeds on seeds, fruits, and plants. There are 310 different varieties of these in Asia and Australia.

The word dove and pigeon can be swap. The pigeon came from the French word pipio which means “peeping” chick while dove is a German word which means bird’s diving flight. These birds build a very fragile nests using sticks and other debris. This nest can be found in trees, ledges, or ground. They can lay at least one to two eggs and they care their young ones from seven to 28 days. Doves are capable of producing “crop milk” that they fed to their young. These are secreted fluid-filled cells from the lining of a crop. Squabs are called to the young doves or pigeons.

In the video below, a male dove tries to revive their young ones. He uses some sort of technique to revive it. After 45 minutes the chick moves but the other one still has no life. The male dove frantically trying to revive the other squab. However, at the end of the video they haven’t revive their young ones. They try to fly away and came back again. The parent doves are disorganized after they see what happen to their children.

What are the factors that their chicks died? According to one biologist, there are thousands of mites in the nest. This is because they are re-using their nest where it can build a chronic problems of mites. These are fatal to their babies. These mites can be develop thru the organic material that is available on the dove’s food, nesting materials, and also in their saliva. You can see at the end of the video, the male is observing the remains of the chick which is swarming with mites and figuring out what went wrong.

What can you say about this video where the pigeons or doves are trying to save their babies?

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