Mysterious MAGIC sand that NEVER gets wet.. Find out why!

Discover and unravel the mystery of this awesome magic trick and how to make it!

Magic Sand is available in different colors
Magic Sand is available in different colors

The Hydrophobic Sand, or also known as the Magic Sand, is already known by chemistry teachers for many years and the science behind the it has a range of real-world uses

Because of the hydrophobic compound presence in the Magic Sand, when grains of the sand are exposed to water, they adhere to one another and form cylinders which will minimize the surface area. So, unlike normal sand, magic sand repels water, so when it is removed from the water, it will still be completely dry.

Magic sand is made in blue, green, or red in colors but appears silvery in water because of a layer of air that forms around the sand, making it unable to get wet.

Although some versions of the sand are sold as a toy, they are also produced industrially and are used for water sealing foundations. They are also used for collecting oily impurities or small spills.

For those who are totally amazed, you can make your very own 'Magic Sand' too!

All you'll need are: Sand (a generally finer sand is recommended), Coloured Sand (you can either buy this or make it), Fabric Protector Spray. Baking Paper, Plastic containers (this is where you will store your sand), Glass Vase and Water.

You will simply spread your sand all over the sheet of baking paper in an area which is well ventilated. Using the Fabric Protector Spray, spray an even and heavy coat over the sand until it is damp. Allow it to dry afterwards. To ensure the coverage, rake the sand and repeat the process again.

When you are done, you can pour the sand and the water out. You will be in awe to see that the sand will come out completely dry! You should store the magic sand in a sealed container.

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