Mother Nature created a spectacular tidal wave of fog

What will you do if you show mother nature at work and how are you going to react to this magnificent event?

A massive formation of fog rolling down the mountain
A massive formation of fog rolling down the mountain

What is a fog? It is an atmospheric occurrence which is a perceivable mass of cloud water droplets or ice crystals that are hanging in the air that are close to the Earth’s surface. Sometimes they consider this as a cloud but the only different that they are low-lying clouds.

Sometime this is being mixed-up as a cloud but the fog is often generated locally from body of water or moist of the ground or marshes. The visibility is greatly reduced from haze to zero visibility. Many aircraft and automotive are affected by this phenomenon.

In the video below, a Youtube user posted a video regarding a huge wave of fog. This video was viewed more than 210,000 times because it seems to be a destructive tidal wave that is coming over the mountain range. Imagine the movie “The Mist”, which was shown during 2007 where there are deadly creatures hiding beneath the fog. However, the fog in the video doesn’t contain any harmful monsters.

This massive wave of rolling fog happened in Long Range Mountains in the town of Lark Harbour in Newfoundland in Canada. As explained to Global News by Bob Robichaud, Meteorologist at the Environment of Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia, “On the other side of the mountain, which acts as a barrier, the temperature will rise and it will be drier”. He also added, “But if you have moist air mass coming over, the cold water will cool the moist air mass from below, bringing the temperature right down to the dew point, so then you’ll have a fog forming over that area’. This explains why there are fogs formed on the other side of the mountain.

He concluded that, “As it’s coming down, it’s drying out because it’s moving into drier air. So that’s why the fog never really makes it beyond the bottom of the mountain.”

What can you say about this rare phenomenon which was made by Mother Nature?

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