Meet the world's MOST DANGEROUS man!

This is the most exciting and dangerous show you'll ever laugh at. Watch if you can.

  Mark Faje's extremely dangerous act made the judges speechless
Mark Faje's extremely dangerous act made the judges speechless

Mark Faje born on 1969, is a stand up comedian who has performed his act all around the world. He has also performances in seven circuses such as Lazer Vaudeville and The Jim Rose Circus in 22 countries in 5 continents.

Balancing a running lawnmower on his face, kicking a flaming bowling ball inserted with knives onto the side of his head, juggling a buzz-saw and a flaming chainsaw, performing card tricks with a live scorpion, and throwing knives around people are just some of his signature acts. He has been risking his own life 3.6 times per show.

When Mark Faje joined and appeared on America's Got Talent, an American variety show, he had risen to a national celebrity status.

Faje had performed with various famous celebrities. He also had television appearances on well known shows such as Late Night with David Letterman, Comedy Central, Ripley's Believe it or Not and the Discovery Channel.

And in just fifteen years, Mark Faje has already traveled literally around the world! His non stop blend of death defying feats of skill and side splitting comedy have taken him to almost seventeen countries where he has been only banned in three.

In trying to perfect his new acts headlining the Midwests premiere comedy clubs together with brand new action packed bits.

Mark has been perfecting his new act headlining the midwests premier comedy clubs with brand new action packed bits.

Well known celebrities gave impressive comments towards the world's most dangerous stand up comedian.

According to David Letterman, Mark Faje is very slick, very impressive. He's crazy. While Penn Jillette revealed that the cigarette trick Mark does is the most amazing trick she has ever seen. Moke Ostroskii PlayBoy Magazine qouted Mark Faje as The McGuiver of comedy.

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