Man's attempt on stealing FAILED because of a dog!

Dogs are not only man's best friend, they can sometimes be heroes in disguise!

The suspect caught trying to steal a motorcycle
The suspect caught trying to steal a motorcycle

Caught on cam was the suspect, a former police trying to steal a motorcycle when something unbelievable happened!

In an exclusive report of Emil Sumangil from GMA News 24 Oras last Wednesday, seen in the closed circuit television camera, a suspicious man was eyeing a parked motorcycle. Then minutes later, he walked towards it tried to do something with the motorcycle.

However, the suspect stopped what he was doing and was forced to walk away from the motorcycle because a dog approached the scene.

The suspect was also not able to return to the motorcycle afterwards because locals from the community passed by. but when he had another chance, without hesitating, he went back to the scene.

As seen in the CCTV footage, the suspected abruptly stopped what he was doing when the dog went back again, like he was preventing the former police in stealing the motorcycle. And since that moment, the dog seemed like it didn't lose sight of the suspect. 

The day after the incident, the owner of the motorcycle saw that the key whole of his motorcycle was removed already. With the CCTV's help, he was able to recognize the suspect who was trying to steal his possession. The reports named the suspect, Ronald Cabaliw, who is a former police in Pasay City.

Ronald Cabaliw was soon arrested and was charged with malicious mischief and frustrated theft. According to the police reports, they believed that the suspect was not only planning to damage, but also, to steal the motorcycle.

It was not stated in the reports whether the dog was a pet of the motorcycle owner.

What was plain obvious is that without the dog's loyalty and bravery, the man will be walking up without his precious motorcycle. 

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