Maine was asked about dating other guys. Watch what Alden answered!

What if Maine would date other guys? Let's see Alden's answer and reaction.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

In My Bebe Love movie press con, Maine was asked what if other guys would court her and ask for dates. Or her heart was only for Alden. Maine answered, if its Alden, its okay (laughing).

And then, Alden's answer was surprising. He said "wag muna", he laughed and bowed his head down.

There are reports that Maine and Alden was already going out together. People, reporters, co-workers would always ask them if there's a chance for the two of them.

When Alden was asked about dating, he isnt closing his doors, specially to Maine.

“Malay po natin, in the future.” he would say.

“Ako po, I’m not closing any doors to anything. I’m open for any possibilities. Ever since naman po, I’m telling myself, whatever comes, yun yun, e. If it’s for you, it’s for you,” Alden said on a interview.

“Maganda si Yaya Dub.” he added.

Many AlDub fans wanted Maine and Alden to end up together. They have that chemistry to bring romance to people.

They are very close on and off cam. May believe that Alden really likes Maine, it's because of all the effort he has given to Maine. Not all guys could do that.

In Kalyeserye, Maine and Alden had been into dates already. Lola Nidora invited Alden into their mansion, their date in the Broadway with a very long table, and their first date together in Enchanted Kingdom.

When would these two really go out on their FIRST REAL date? I'm sure many AlDub fans there are waiting for that.

Let's see where this path would bring Alden and Maine.

Watch the interview video here:

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