Lioness just gave birth and attacked by a Buffalo in Kenya

What will you do if you see wounded lioness in the safari forest?

Lioness is the peak of hunting prowess from the earliest recorded and graphic representations. They are hunters for their pride and execute their skill with accuracy and complex teamwork. Each lioness develops specific skills for her role in the hunting technique.

See how the vets attend a wounded lioness
See how the vets attend a wounded lioness

A lioness is a female version of a lion. They are 35% smaller and 50% lighter than their male counterparts. The lioness hunts using their natural instinct in a cooperative fashion. In a group hunt, they fan out to surround their prey. The natural coat of a lioness helps in camouflaging and stalking their preys. If the lioness is hunting alone, they are very imperative so that she can get close to her prey.

An adult female eats more than 10 pounds of meat per day which the male eats around 16 pounds a day. Their typical diet includes zebra, buffalo, giraffe, wildebeest, gazelles and impala.

In the video below, a lioness was attacked by a buffalo during her hunt. A group of veterinarians from Kenya Wildlife Service went to safari to heal the wounded lioness. The 11-year old lioness called Sienna was spotted immediately by the veterinarians after arriving to the scene. If she won’t be treated immediately will lead to sudden death. Sienna just gave birth to three cubs.

The team gave Sienna tranquilizers which will last for an hour. When the lioness goes to sleep, they cleaned the wound before stitching. After the wound was closed, they place a green clay that will helps to heal the wound faster. They also administered long-lasting anti-biotics to prevent infection.

After a few hours, the operation was a big success. Now, Sienna can attend to her cubs because without her, the cubs will have a hard time surviving the wild.

What can you say about the heroic acts that the veterinarians gave to the injured lioness?

WARNING: This video contains some graphic contents. Viewers' discretion is advised.

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