Jose and Wally pranked Yaya Dub during their Davao Mall Show

Watch what Jose did that made Yaya Dub looked shocked.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
During Eat Bulaga's Davao Mall Show last July 19, 2015, Jose and Wally joked Yaya Dub about something that made her looked shocked.

The trio and Yaya Dub (she's still not talking at that time) was hosting an event in a Mall in Davao. Jose suddenly called Alden from the back stage. Yaya Dub's face was shocked, as if she couldn't believe that Alden was there.

"Dahil crush niya si Alden mga kaibigan, palakpakan po natin, ALDEN" said Jose Manalo.

People shouted and went crazy, and Yaya was smiling and shocked. But then Wally laughed at Yaya Dub's expression while waiting for Alden to come out.

Jose told her that it was only a joke, so everyone laugh because of Yaya Dub.

"Yaya naman papaniwala. Tayo tayo lang sabay na duamting dito" Paolo told her.

They joked her that she thought Alden would surprise her when its even not her birthday. Yaya Dub was also laughing at what they did to her.

After joking Yaya Dub, Paolo and Jose also prank the audience telling them that they had a problem with the winner and they will start again. But they laughed and said its just also a joke.

Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros are known for being such a great comedian. They make us laugh every time they do sugod bahay. They also had 'Problem Solving' segment before. In which people ask for advice with their problems, but these three doesn't give them right advice.

We can also watch Wally and Jose in some comedy bars and events. They are today's one of the best comedians. They bring so much laughter to all the viewers.

Watch the video here:

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