Horrifying moment a tiny boat almost gets crushed by a ship!

A heart-stopping moment!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
A video footage of a small boat almost gets crushed by a tanker ship in New Jersey Shore, near Sandy Hook, was uploaded on YouTube and now going viral.

Dylan Marshall who took the video and uploaded it on YouTube, was with his friends on a boat and having some fun. They noticed a small boat that's not moving in the path of a giant oil tanker.

The captain of Dylan's boat was trying to get them and asked them to use the anchor line to pull them safety, but it seems like they were to late to do that.

Thank goodness that the tiny boat didn't get hit, even though it's that close. And no one was hurt. The tiny boat was just outside of the tankers path.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
The giant ship missed them by only a few feet, and the aftershock of the ship pushed them around as it passed them.

The people on the other boat were shocked of what happened because the two couple on the tiny boat was just an inch away of getting crushed by a giant tank.

The oil tanker wasn't about to stop for that small boat. Good thing, Dylan and his friends saw them.

Some of the comments were saying that the ocean should be spread out a bit more.

"The ocean is a pretty big place. Think they could spread out a bit more," wrote JerryRigEverything.

While, there are some who said on their comments that the tiny boat was probably rented that's why they didn't know what to do in such situation.

Somebody also noticed when the man removed his life jacket, and commented that he should not be riding a boat if he's doing that.

"The inaction by the two in the stalled boat when you approached, other than removing a life jacket, is staggering. If someone can't locate an anchor line, then that person shouldn't be pleasure-boating. BZ in your efforts, though -- you really hit all the marks in looking out for the safety of both the people on the stalled boat and the passengers on your own. Way to go," said Yamie JB on his comment.

According to reports, the oil tanker is registered out of Venezuela.

Watch the video here:

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