Caught on film: Lady fights riding in tandem

What are riding in tandems? How are you going to handle if a riding in tandems approached you?

See how this lady fights snatchers
See how this lady fights snatchers

Riding in Tandem is also called tandem bicycle or twin. This is a form of bicycle where it can be ridden with more than one person. The word tandem refers to the seating arrangement not the number of riders. The tandem bikes are invented in 1890 as there were plenty of patents being submitted. However, in 1898, Mikael Pedersen invented a two-rider tandem version of his Pedersen bicycle. It weighs 24 pounds.

In the Philippines, riding in tandem refers to the crimes that was executed by 2 or more persons. These can be two men, who is riding a motorcycle. The crimes can be snatching to murders. The word “riding in tandem” was nominated for “Salita ng Taon” or Filipino Word of the Year in 2014. However, the word “selfie” was promoted as the Filipino word of the year. In the same year, Mayor Abalos of Mandaluyong implemented a city ordinance that bans “riding in tandem”. This was the first and one of a kind city ordinance in the Philippines.

In the video below, a lady was attacked by a riding in tandem that was captured on CCTV. The lady when out of her car when one of the riding in tandem tries to snatch her bag. The lady fights the man who is snatching her bag however, the man wasn’t successful. Then one of his colleague tries to snatch her bag for the second time around but he wasn’t successful as well because the lady’s colleague tries to fight and second riding in tandem. The two snatchers tries to get away from the scene of the crime. The video was shared on Facebook by Janice Lim and it was shared 5,000 times. However, it wasn’t mentioned where it was happen.

What can you say about this incident? If you were the lady, how are you going to fight the riding tandem?

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