CAUGHT ON CAM: Spider bursting out of a banana!

A YouTube video shows the whole this which absolutely terrifying!

A spider was caught on cam escaping a banana
A spider was caught on cam escaping a banana

The video shows a quite normal looking banana on a table. It was normal in every single way except for the tiny, almost unnoticeable bulge on one side. Someone who was about to eat the banana captured the terrifying moment. He zoomed his camera to the banana, as he was trying to guess what might be the bulge on the banana, he realized there is something trying to escape under the banana.

Until moments later, the bulge rip into a tiny gap and legs of a spider started to poke out!

The video was uploaded on YouTube by online user Mngzkhuel. He captioned the video with, "Spider bursts out of a banana,” on June 12, 2015, he “just wanted to eat a banana” when he was confronted with the bizarre spectacle.

The video had garnered millions of views on YouTube alone and since then it became viral to other social networking sites.

However, it had sparked speculations online that the video was somehow faked.

It's also more than likely a fake, and here's why:

First, the odds in noticing the bulge and filming the entire and exact moment when the spider bursts out of the banana is quite pretty slim. Although is kind of possible that a spider could survive inside a banana, it is really unlikely that it could survive with all the packaging and making its way to and from the supermarket until it reached the man's home.

Also, a CGI animation wizard,  Kaleb Lechowski, was given credits on the video.

If you will look closely, you will realize that the video up loader's channel is full of his very own CGI works.

Was it real of fake? Watch the full video below and judge it yourself. Share us your thoughts on the comment section!

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