Animal Face-off: Lion versus Anaconda

What will do you if you so an image or video of a Lion and Anaconda fighting?

anaconda versus lion
Lion versus Anaconda fight?

Lion is considered as one of the five big cats which is commonly called as African Lion. They weigh around 500 lbs. Tigers are the largest living cat in the world where the lion came on second. They live in most part of Saharan Africa and in Asia. In Asia, they considered endangered becase of the rampant population near the Gir Forest National Park in India.

Anaconda is the largest snake found in South America. Anaconda is referred to a group of snakes which are large and living near a body of water in South America. There are different species of Anaconda. There is the green anaconda which can be found in Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. This is the largest species in their class. The yellow anaconda is the smallest species which can be found in Bolivia, some parts of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The dark-spotted anaconda can be found in Brazil, and in French Guiana. Lastly, there is the Bolivian anaconda, where it can be found in Beni and Pando in Bolivia.

In the video below, the narrator said that this is an epic fight between an anaconda and lion which where submitted by their Facebook follower. The narrator emphasized that there is a big bite on the anaconda’s body which was inflicted by the lion. However, it seems that the lion is in a loosing streak because the anaconda coiled the lion’s body. He also showed the related video where an anaconda was fighting a female lion.

He tries to analyzed the video and its seems that the Lion lives in Africa while an Anaconda can be found in South America. He emphasized that he cannot find the scene where the anaconda is attacking a lion. He also added that this is not an Anaconda but a Boa.

What do you think about his analysis? Do you think that this is a hoax? To find out you better watch the rest of the video.

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