Alden and Maine's FIRST On-Screen kiss! KILIG!

#KiligOverload again from the unbeatable AlDub!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
During Eat Bulaga's pre-wedding special for Vic "Bossing" Sotto and Maria Pauleen Luna, we saw and witness Alden and Maine first on-screen kiss!

We all know how they make "lambing" on a split screen. They blow off kisses. They would also kiss each other on the cheeks but it all on a split screen.

So last January 23, finally we saw how sweet this two are. And we saw how gentleman Alden is.

The pre-wedding special for Bossing and Pauleen started as the three De Explorer sisters Lola Nidora, Lola Tidora, Lola Tinidora and Maine, prepared a bridal shower for Pauleen. And also prepared something for Bossing Vic Sotto.

During that day's opening number, Maine and Alden wearing a wedding gown and a tuxedo danced to the tune of Bruno Mars' "Marry Me".

The two love birds had a sweet danced while an instrumental version of "Here Comes The Bride" played in the background.

During Vic and Pauleen's bridal shower, the Dabarkads asked them to each other, so after Vic kissed Pauleen on the lips, everyone shouted that Alden and Maine would kiss also.

Everyone on the Broadway and even the Dabarkads are getting wild. Tito Sen said that Alden will be the one to kiss.

And then someone pushed Alden to make him kissed Maine on the cheeks! So everyone cheered on them!

After six months of being a love team on a split screen, Alden finally got to kiss Maine on the cheeks!

It was also that day, that Alden completed Maine's first condition before giving her sweet "YES" to him. Let's find out Maine's next condition for him!

Watch the video here:

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